02 First prizes

TOP 1 Game & TOP 1 App
– 50,000,000 VND (cash)
– Visit to Head offlice of Google at Silicon Valley
– $10,000 Google Cloud Credit
– Google Tango device

10 Potential Prize

Visit to Google’s office at Singapore

TOP 10

Pitching to angel investors

TOP 40

– 3 years Fshare VIP account
– Game design advanced courses (iOS/Android/Unity/Design) at VTC Academy

contest information

Cuộc thi lập trình trò chơi và ứng dụng trên thiết bị di động

Bluebird Award 2016 - An annual mobile game and application development contest (season 2). There are 3 rounds in the 2nd season:

PRELIMINARY: The product entry will be evaluated by Examiner council follow to the contest criteria.
•The criteria of Game:
UI/UX | Gameplay | Sound | Innovative

•The criteria of App:
UI/UX | Usefulness | Performance | Innovative
MIDDLE ROUND TOP 40 entries will be evaluated by Coach council through presentation. They will choose TOP 10 into Final round.
FINAL ROUND: TOP 10 entries will be ranked by Total of install and index [Active User] on Googleplay and Appstore.

TOP 10 will be coached by Coach council to upgrade product.
TOP 10 will pitched in front of Investor council.

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Health


Coach Council

They come from famous studios and big groups in Vietnam game industry
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Vu Phan Trung

Game Planner
.GEARS studio
Joined .GEARS since 2014 as game designer. Skilled in pixel art, programming, UI/UX design. Released projects: Flappy Birds – family, Swing Copters 2.
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Nguyen Tuan Huy

CEO of Game Studio
Hiker Games
Has over 7 years game producer experience and He is the creator of 7554 – a most famous game of Vietnam war.
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Nguyen Nhat Tuyen

Director of Game Studios Group
VNG Corporation
He has 20 years of experience in computer science, game publishing, and game development, he is now leading 4 game studios – one of the most strategic & critical businesses of VNG – to deliver globally successful titles such as Dead Target and Sky Garden.
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Nguyen Xuan Sinh

Training Director
Hanoi VTC Academy
Has over 9 years working and training in programming experience Join to develop and work at projects of FPT, VTC, Vinaphone
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Le Giang Anh

Founder & CEO
JOY Entertainment
Founded by some leaders in game development industry, the creators of Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front Free+ andTank Battles, Captain Strike, JOY Entertainment is the leading mobile game developer in SEA.